Get to know your camera


Get to know your camera


Get to know your camera

Date:                      1, 2017

Class:                   One day, 3 hours
Objective:            Learn the controls on your camera
What to bring:     Camera, one lens, camera manual

This is a three hour class where we will go over all the physical buttons on your camera and you will learn what each one does. We will also go through the camera's menu settings making some changes from the default settings.

You will be sent a PDF with a list of camera features. Please take a few minutes and use your camera manual to locate these very basic functions on the camera body.  I also would like you to know what happens when you make changes in these functions.

In class we will discuss your shooting style and how to best set your camera to help you capture the photographs you envisioned.

This class will get you comfortable with with your camera and take away the fear of making changes in the default settings.

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Explore your camera, learn what each button, dial and menu item do. Learn how to take control of your camera getting the most out of your photography.